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Rome Business School

With a commitment to creating future managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to excel in their competencies and advancing the world toward modernity and progress, Rome Business School, a postgraduate training institute part of the Formación y Universidades network of De Agostini and Grupo Planeta, has received DASCA accreditation for its International Master in Data Science program.

Rome Business School is the first institution in Italy to receive DASCA accreditation for its Master’s in Data Science program. DASCA, a global leader in data science accreditation, evaluated the program to meet the most cutting-edge standards established by the Data Science Council of America, which can provide students with the most comprehensive knowledge and thus improve employability outcomes.

Rome Business School

About Rome Business School

The Rome Business School is one of the leading business schools in Europe and Nigeria operating on an international scale, with alumni from more than 140 countries committed to academic excellence and providing students with a high-quality education that is relevant, practical, and internationally focused.

RBS trains global leaders to enhance their ethical approach to business and work, with the ultimate goal of promoting economic humanity and a fairer society. It values individuals, provides a platform for growth and contribution, and offers a multicultural, diverse learning environment. RBS educates students with skills and knowledge to succeed in the global marketplace, prioritizing diversity, innovation, and sustainability as core values strongly connected to the job market.

Developing a Thriving Data Science Workforce in Europe

Europe's big data and business analytics market is rapidly expanding, driven by the need for faster decision-making and competitive advantage. Despite challenges such as high costs and a shortage of skilled professionals, opportunities are emerging, including the demand for better insights and data-driven consumer experiences. With a rising growth trajectory, the market presents a nuanced and dynamic landscape that requires careful consideration.

  • Demand for employees with specialist data skills in the UK has surged by 231% over the last five years, according to the Royal Society, compared to a general increase of 36% for regular employees.
  • At present, there exists a shortage of approximately 350,000 data science professionals in Europe, and it is projected that this deficit will continue to expand in the foreseeable future.
  • Over 47% of organizations in the region struggle to fill data science roles, while 37% face similar challenges in finding qualified data engineering professionals.
Data Science Workforce in Europe
DASCA Accreditation

The academic programs of the Rome Business School listed here successfully completed evaluation by the Data Science Council of America and were granted accreditation on March 10, 2023 (Italy Campus) and June 1, 2022 (Nigeria Campus).

DASCA accreditation standards are uniquely modeled, blending DASCA knowledge standards and the principles of Baldridge education quality assessment for performance excellence assurance. International Master in Data Science program accredited by DASCA aims to develop high–caliber data science professionals with proven knowledge and competencies to engage in hi–impact projects and showcase their data leadership potential. To remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving field of data science and technology, RBS is committed to ensuring that its students receive DASCA's Data Analyst certifications to add professional credibility and international edge to their employability.

List of Accredited programs in conformance to the Essential knowledge framework of DASCA:
  • Master of Data Science at Italy Campus
  • Master of Data Science at Nigeria Campus

Accreditation Impact

DASCA Accreditation assures current and prospective students, as well as employers, about the institution’s commitment to the delivery of high-quality data science education.

The purpose of DASCA accreditation is to enrich the knowledge of the executive students of Masters in Data Science, as a result, they can expand their visibility on an international level, gain a reputation for excellence, and have the capacity to influence practices and standards within their respective ecosystems. DASCA accreditation has given RBS the ability to cement its position as one of the leading institutions in Data Science and offer assurance to employers in the abilities of the Master in Data Science Management students.

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